Growing up with the Showtime Lakers

Anita Scott and her family were riding on a float through downtown Los Angeles.

Fans lined the streets, shouting, celebrating and carrying on. Anita’s husband Byron had just completed his fourth season with the Lakers, helping his team beat the Boston Celtics to earn the second of what would be three championship rings.

But something was wrong. Her young son Thomas was missing. She scanned the float, the street, the crowd, but couldn’t find him.

Finally she spotted the young boy. He had jumped off their float and decided he’d rather be riding with the Laker Girls.

Thomas Scott has come a long way since then. He’s now an assistant coach and scout for the Lakers, working for his father the head coach.

I sat down with Thomas to talk about what life was like growing up with the Showtime Lakers. He talked about the family atmosphere between the players and the children of the players, which in some instances still exists today. He talked about surviving Boston Garden, BBQs with other Lakers, the joy of winning championships, and the sadness of Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement, a difficult event that only brought the families closer together.

Thomas longs to get back to those winning Lakers moments. He wants to ride in a parade again. This time as a grown man and a coach.

Watch “A Laker Life: Growing Up in Showtime” here.


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