Story hangar

Founded by Bob Harkins in 2020, Story Hangar is a network of independent documentary podcasts, with a goal of helping storytellers find their audiences, hone their craft and ultimately find financial reward for their hard work. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

razed sports

season 1

Bob tackles the head injury crisis facing football, sharing stories about the impact on players’ loved ones, looking at the science and examining why we keep playing despite all of the risks. MORE

Season 2

Bob takes you behind the scenes of life in minor league baseball as he follows an unlikely prospect in his first full season as a professional player. MORE

season 3

Bob shares the story of his father Tim, an excellent athlete and better man. It’s a tale of determination, grace, loyalty, humility and strength, wrapped in sports, family and love. MORE.


It’s never easy saying goodbye to a love one. It’s even more complicated when you have to do so during a pandemic. Bob writes and narrates this touching personal story for Ochenta Studio. CLICK TO LISTEN.